Welcome to the Ladysmith High School

The staff at LHS are dedicated to creating the best learning environment for our students. Everyone associated with this school takes pride in our students, staff, facility, and community. Students are supported and encouraged to get involved in the many school activities, programs, clubs, and organizations available.

Our students are expected to commit to achieving their very best each and every day. At LHS, we value the efforts of our students whether they occur in the classroom, or in co-curricular, or athletic competitions. The support and pride students and staff show each other benefits all and helps to create additional opportunities for "traditions of excellence" to flourish here at Ladysmith High School.

The mission of Ladysmith High School is to develop positive self-esteem and challenge students to strive for excellence in reaching their full potential as responsible, accountable, global citizens through effective family, school, and community relationships, which are committed to learning as a life-long process.

Dr. Robert Lecheler