The Ladysmith High School Community Athletic Facility is attached to the Ladysmith High School. The facility has its own entrance and parking. The Athletic Facility consists of a pool and weight room and the entrance has an E1 above the double doors by the cement pillars on the far south west corner of the building.

Address and Phone #- 1700 Edgewood Ave E, Door #E1, Ladysmith, WI 54848 - 532-5531 x277

Supervisors Name & Email-
Pool- Matt Bunton (
Weightroom- Jake Ebner (

Pricing- Students = $1.00 per Visit, Adults = $2.00 per Visit

Monthly Passes- Students - $10.00 per Month, Adults - $20.00 per Month

To view the Athletic Facility Schedule, please click the appropriate month schedule. In the event that the pool is closed, it will be announced on WLDY/WJBL.

May Pool Schedule
Weight Room School Year Schedule

Summer Weight Room Schedule