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Ladysmith Elementary

Ladysmith Elementary , 2 days ago

Raising Caring Kids: Humankind. Be Both. Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Kindness makes people feel good and helps develop friendships. In a recent study, kids who did kind things for others had more friends. Social and relationships skills, such as kindness, can be developed. One way to practice this skill is through random acts of kindness. Check out a great video on random acts of kindness.

School District of Ladysmith

School District of Ladysmith, 3 days ago

Wear Blue on Friday, Jan 18 in celebration of Jayme Closs' safe return home. Attend the Boy's Basketball games that night at 5:45 and 7:15. Ladysmith will be hosting Barron. see pic

School District of Ladysmith

School District of Ladysmith, 5 days ago

Due to the deteriorating road conditions on the secondary and back roads, all after school activities are cancelled for tonight, including the Boys Basketball game at Flambeau. All students will be going home on the bus or driving home. All buildings will close at 4:15 pm tonight. No evening practices for any teams. Please drive safely.

Ladysmith Elementary

Ladysmith Elementary , 5 days ago

Raising Caring Kids: Take A Deep Breath Big emotions like anger or frustration can be hard for children to control. They may hit or yell to act out their feelings. Children feel more in control of their emotions and calmer in stressful situations when we teach them how to manage their emotions. There are a variety of strategies you can teach a child to calm down.

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